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Content Guide

This guide helps writers who are using the Federalist platform to create departmental websites and share information about your team.

In each section, we outline strategies for conveying information in a way that is both actionable and accessible, so that other groups can learn and apply it to their own work.

Using this guide will help your team benefit from our experience to date and engender trust by communicating in a consistent manner.

How to use this guide

We created this guide for reference on an as-needed basis. It’s here when you’re wondering how to convey what your team does, using language and tone that a general audience will understand, or how to think about what to write in each section of your new website.

This guide is just that: a guide. It’s not meant to provide the final opinion on any of the topics discussed. If a certain section isn’t relevant to you and your team, ignore it. And if you feel the guide is missing a section, by all means, add it or let us know. This guide is yours to use, and we trust you’ll use it in the ways that best suit you.