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Writing about your team

The About section of your website should state what your team does in a clear and user-friendly way.

This section does not have to be long, but it should address:

We find it helpful to pretend you're at a dinner party, sitting next to someone who doesn't know what you do or where you work. If that person says "So what do you do?," how do you explain it?

That's what you want to write in this section.

Other prompts or phrases that might help:

One tip: Do not use words that may confuse your audience.

If there are phrases or words that may be confusing, it helps to restate those phrases using plain, simple language.

We always recommend reading what you've written out loud to see if it's clear. Better yet, read it to someone who doesn't work with you, and see if they're confused. If they have questions, you can then see if there are clearer ways to say what you mean.

Examples we like: