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Running Federalist locally

Dependencies / Tooling

Before you start, ensure you have the following installed:


See How Federalist Works for a list of the code repositories and descriptions of the different parts of the Federalist system. You'll want to pull the repos relevant to the parts of the system you are working with locally.

Running Federalist

The main Federalist app's code lives in the 18F/federalist repository on GitHub. After pulling the app, the config/local.js file should be created from the template at config/local.sample.js.

In order to run the app needs an S3 bucket and a SQS queue to communicate with. In development we use the staging S3 bucket and the staging SQS queue for this purpose. To this end you can edit your config/local.js to contain the credentials of the staging instances of those services.

The Federalist app uses GitHub for authentication. You will need to create a GitHub OAuth application and add the client ID, client secret, and callback URL to your config/local.js.

Optionally, you are able to create a new GitHub team, add yourself to that team, and then add the team's ID to the organizations array in config/local.js. If you are on the 18F GitHub team that should not be necessary since the 18F GitHub team is included by default in config/passport.js.

Federalist needs a Postgres database from which to read and write data. By default, it looks for a database on the localhost named federalist. Additionally, the tests look for a database named federalist-test.

To create the databases, run the following:

createdb federalist
createdb federalist-test

Once the local config and the database is setup and ready to go the app can be started:

yarn build
yarn start

If everything works as expected you should be able to see the app running at http://localhost:1337/.

Note that if you are working on the frontend you can use yarn watch to have browserify rebuild the frontend as you make changes.

If everything is setup correctly you should also be able to run the tests:

yarn test

Running federalist-builder

The Federalist build scheduler's code lives in the 18F/federalist-builder repository on GitHub.

federalist-builder is not designed to be run locally. Due to its tight coupling with the build process and its dependence on the Cloud Foundry environment, running it locally has the potential to create a race condition between builds running in Cloud Foundry and builds that were scheduled locally.

To check the behavior of federalist builder you can run its test suite:

npm install
npm test

Running federalist-garden-build

The Federalist build container's image specification lives in the 18F/federalist-garden-build repository on GitHub.

The image can be built with docker:

docker build --tag federalist-garden-build .

Once the image is built, it is possible to shell into a container running it and run commands in the container. In order to get closer parody with the build containers running in use the --login option with /bin/bash:

docker run -it federalist-garden-build /bin/bash --login