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Launch checklist

Launching a site with Federalist

We’ve worked to make launching a live site on Federalist as simple as possible. You will need to complete these steps:

  1. Sign an IAA with 18F to use Federalist.
  2. Verify that your agency accepts the risk of launching a site on Federalist.
  3. Build your site and verify that the site is ready for launch using our preview URLs.
  4. Contact the Federalist team; we’ll scan your site within a few days as part of our compliance process.
  5. Schedule launch of your custom URL. At your command, Federalist will initiate setup and provide you with a CloudFront URL such as You will then configure DNS records with a CNAME to the CloudFront URL. Once this is complete, your site content will be available at your agency URL but with broken images. Technical background on this process is here.
  6. Alter your site’s settings in the Federalist web interface to have Federalist set up your site to work at your custom URL, which will fix the images. Once the site is rebuilt, you will be fully live.